PHH Corporation

Gestalt, loosely translated as “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts”, is an apt analogy when describing the work we’ve done for PHH in collaboration with an agency partner.

PHH is one of the country’s top mortgage providers as well as one of the nation’s leading fleet management firms; two distinctly different lines of businesses functioning independently within one company. Research revealed that an unwavering commitment to building engaged client partnerships was a common thread binding both businesses, making this powerful message the logical choice for brand positioning. Working as an extension to the agency, Grow helped unite the two businesses within a single PHH brand that spoke a common brand language and reflected a consistent visual style.

Whether used online or in print, we constructed a well-developed and highly flexible design system that allowed mortgage and fleet to communicate to their prospects and customers independently but more importantly unified as a single company under the PHH brand. No detail was overlooked during this assignment. With the support of the agency, Grow designed a hierarchy of logos, brand usage guides, brand- and topic-specific imagery, iconography style and a system of collateral templates. The work was both high-level and comprehensive, the perfect combination for a complex challenge.

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