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Risk Management Association

As a national, non-profit professional association serving the financial services industry, with membership reaching 2,500, RMA’s primary goal is to advance the use of sound risk management principles.

Grow Design, working together with a trusted partner agency and leveraging RMA’s corporate brand, created a synergized brand for RMA’s Credit Risk Certification (CRC), the only recognized professional designation for credit and lending professionals.

The project launched with a strategy and messaging component that outlined a plan for the CRC brand to gain traction. Next, the strategy was translated into an identity for the CRC designation, as well as a mark granted to professionals passing the rigorous course of study and exam.

To gain awareness for the CRC training and accreditation, the team created a print and digital ad campaign and built a supporting media plan. After implementation of the advertising campaign, literature was developed to support inquiries. There was an evident increase in the number of financial services professionals signing up for the CRC exam for each exam period.

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