Molecular Health

If you or someone you love has just been diagnosed with cancer, reducing time-to-treatment and creating a targeted treatment plan is critical to improved outcomes.

After investing eight years in development, and on the verge of a product launch, MolecularHealth turned to Grow Design to help support the successful introduction of its new personalized medicine solution, TreatmentMAP™. TreatmentMAP gives patients, their families, oncologists and pathologists a more complete understanding of how a patient’s genes and personal medical history impact the progression of cancer, allowing for more individualized treatment.

Grow Design was charged with the task of extending MolecularHealth’s web presence into a wide array of materials to support the TreatmentMAP launch, from designing the corporate overview and folder to creating a variety of patient, physician and insurer collateral.

Grow Design also developed the look-and-feel of the corporate presentation deck and online webinar invitations, as well as the logo for a new Corporate Oncology Program for Employers (COPE).

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