Kate McCarty Organic Landscapes

Once upon a time, organic gardening brought to mind burlap and Birkenstocks. Not any more – and especially not in the Hamptons. Today, organic landscape design and gardening is synonymous with what’s hip as well as what’s good for the planet. And the Hamptons’ elite turn to Kate McCarty Organic Landscapes, an award-winning landscape consulting and design business.

As its client list grew, the firm needed to rethink its brand identity and develop new collateral tools, while simultaneously launching an organic edible gardening practice. Grow borrowed colors from a warm, earth-toned palette and introduced natural forms and shapes. The identity is clearly a logical expression of the firm’s organic focus.

Integrated collateral, a web landing page and other day-to-day business tools followed. And so breathtaking landscape design, all through organic methods, is thriving in the Hamptons – thanks to Kate McCarty and her talented crew.

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