Endeca Technologies

Pick up a copy of the Wall Street Journal and you may notice an interesting similarity: businesses are a lot like people. They’re born, grow up and very often, they even get married. Endeca Technologies, a pioneer in developing powerful and intuitive products for enterprise and ecommerce search, is a perfect example. Like many tech start-up companies, Endeca’s long-term strategy was to position itself for IPO or acquisition. In preparation for an anticipated exit event, Grow was engaged by Endeca to help develop and execute a plan for polishing the brand and ramping up marketing outreach.

We created a brand platform and visual system that extended throughout Endeca’s high-volume, high-frequency print and online communications strategy. The contemporary look positioned the brand’s cutting-edge technology focus through a consistently applied graphic approach, using fresh colors and modern typography. In addition, Grow also developed and produced creative for Endeca’s numerous industry-focused user summits as well as its largest annual user conference: Discover.

In late 2011, the Wall Street Journal, among many, reported Oracle’s intent to acquire Endeca and the deal was wrapped up by year’s end.

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