Copyright Clearance Center

There’s no doubt at all that the creative challenge of transforming complex information into clear communication is a satisfying accomplishment. Which is why Grow Design was up for the challenge when asked to develop a new website for Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

CCC’s mission is an important one: Make it easy for people to get, use and share content worldwide, while protecting the interests of creators, publishers and other copyright holders.

CCC came to us with an existing site, the result of many years of organic growth. It required a comprehensive redesign, including site architecture, visual design, refreshed content and a new content management system.

Partnering with a robust internal team and external partners, Grow completely reworked the site’s architecture as well as its look and feel to update CCC’s online presence and address the varied needs of distinct customers. The new site design is clean, streamlined and intuitive. Also critically important is the shift to a responsive design, making it suitable for viewing from multiple devices/platforms. The new content management system is another huge plus. It dramatically reduces CCC’s reliance on internal IT, so marketing associates – and not just tech experts – can easily update and maintain fresh content.

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