Anchor Capital

With over thirty years of success as an investment advisory firm, Anchor Capital has built a solid reputation and strong brand equity, leveraging the experience and longevity of its team. But smart and successful businesses also know that to stay current, you need to look current. Anchor needed to refresh its brand to better articulate core strengths and support new business development efforts.

Grow was tapped by a local agency to redesign the Anchor Capital website with a fresh new look. In today’s digital world, the website is a brand’s public face and first point of contact – and we all know that first impressions count.

With input from the strategic team and account staff, Grow created a clean, engaging visual look that reflects the new Anchor Capital brand with emphasis on its highly knowledgeable team and deep industry expertise. The new site is a smart and contemporary representation of who Anchor Capital is today, while remaining true to its legacy of success.

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